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Maximising sale price through home staging

Selling your property

Wednesday 15 Jun 2022

Home staging or restyling a space can completely transform the look and feel of a property. Strategic staging can assist with attracting buyer interest, impact the time spent on the market and can lead to the property selling for a higher price.

Read on to learn more about the importance of home staging and why it may be worth considering for your next property sale.

First impressions count

Buyers these days are extensively influenced by online marketing and will spend countless hours on the internet searching, comparing and evaluating different properties before even stepping foot in an open home. Making a memorable first impression is vital to attract high volumes of interest and engagement on your listing and to stand out from other properties with similar characteristics.

Staged photos in conjunction with a sound marketing plan are the first steps toward generating buyer interest, enquiry and open home attendees, so first impressions count.

Reap the benefits in moving markets

It’s no secret that staging a home can result in more competition, potentially generating a higher sale price. When the market and/or a single property have a number of buyers interested in it, there is a higher sense of urgency about placing competitive offers to secure the sale. The increased sense of urgency will mean that buyers are more swayed by first impressions. If they like what they see and the property appeals, they’ll potentially make an offer and likely at a strong price.

In a hot market with limited listings, properties come and go at the click of a finger. In a slower market with more stock available, impressive properties stand out and can still be snapped up just as quick. Less time spent on the market equals reduced advertising costs and in some cases you can get back what hasn’t been spent, making the initial staging investment all the more worthwhile.

Staging is a strategic approach

Home staging isn’t as simple as just clearing your clutter. It’s a strategic approach to help make homes appear newer and move-in-ready for prospective buyers. It gives an idea of what the space could look like if they were living there themselves.  

Homes are staged in a way to maximise space and tailor the look of a property to appeal to a select group of buyers. A house without furniture has a completely different feel to a furnished house and often, buyers struggle to visualise the proportions of rooms and spaces without furniture as a reference.

Staging is also strategic in the sense that a staged home will result in attractive images which then form the basis for the marketing campaign for your property. The flow-on effect is a better first impression and increased interest and engagement as mentioned earlier.

Choosing a staging company

Like any profession, home staging companies vary in the range of services they offer; from partial staging, and interior consultation to full staging and more, there’s an option for every property.

It’s important to do your research when selecting a stager. After determining what you wish to invest, be sure to compare prices, concepts and services and request a portfolio of previous work to ensure their style works for you.

Some staging companies also own furniture stores meaning that if a buyer comes through and loves the space, furniture packages can be purchased with the house, making the process of selling that little bit easier.


Home staging is a worthwhile consideration when it comes to selling your home. To talk through all your options and get more information about starting your selling journey, get in touch with one of our expert sales consultants today.

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