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Standing out in a busy market

How to make your property stand out from the crowd. Maximum interest means maximum sale price.

Wednesday 13 Jul 2022

National reports show housing stock for sale last month increased 89.5% compared to June 2021, according to industry portal

First impressions count when it comes to selling your property. In a market where listing numbers are high, buyers have more choice when it comes to properties for sale. So how do you cut through the noise and make your listing stand out? This is where highly effective property marketing can make all the difference.  

Read on to learn how to make your property stand out in the current active market.

Visual assets

Investing in professional photography services is the first and most vital step in marketing your property to stand out. More than 90% of home buyers start their property search online and in excess of 70% of enquiry come from digital sources. Consider a portal site where there are hundreds of listings alongside yours; photos, videos, and virtual tours are the first touchpoints to attract buyer interest and initiate engagement with your listing.


Professional photography produces attractive high-quality images. Real estate photographers are experts at capturing images of your property to appeal to the widest market. They know the best times to shoot to maximise natural light and the best angles to capture the size and features of a room. The images are then professionally edited and refined for perfect presentation.

Drone photography adds an extra level of perspective. Aerial imagery is used to capture elevated shots of a property, highlighting its proximity to key areas and showcasing the exterior; this is particularly beneficial if you have a unique home or generous outdoor spaces.


Video is another asset to consider in the marketing of your property. Marketing is all about making a property stand out and video advertising has higher engagement levels on social media than a static image. Video acts as a powerful tool to draw more interest to a listing as it can show interested buyers details about the property that might be missed from photos. Video tours are also highlighted in search results by portal websites, increasing the likelihood of that all-important click.

3D virtual tours & floorplans

3D virtual tours allow the user to fully control their walk through your home. 3D Imagery captures all elements of the interior, creating an interactive experience for browsers from the comfort of their own home. 3D virtual tours are well worth considering where access to the property is tricky or if buyers are likely to be located outside of the immediate area. Floor plans are another option that can add value to your marketing, particularly if buyers wish to consider renovations on the property. Floorplans also help potential purchasers with the shortlisting and visualisation process in establishing a clear overview of the property prior to viewing.


Signage operates as a 24 hour salesperson on a property and about 10% of our buyer enquiry come from signboards. Signboards are all about street appeal and targeting passive buyers walking or driving past. Signboards provide an overview of property information and highlight interior shots that can’t be seen from the road.



Now that your visual assets are in place, this is where advertising begins to push your property out to the market. There are several different advertising options to choose from but we recommend a strategy combining the use of both print and digital media.

Print Media

Print media is a great way to hit the passive market or people who may not be actively looking to buy – an important market as research shows that up to 18% of buyers weren’t in the market to purchase when they saw the property they ended up buying. With options to publish your listing in a range of national and local newspapers, property publications and magazines, it’s an effective way to get lots of eyes over your listing. We can advise on the best options for your target market and can secure this advertising for affordable contract rates.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to get your property for sale seen by a high number of people. In New Zealand, around 89% of the population are active social media users so it’s an effective channel to reach your target market (source: Statista). Social Media and Google marketing are a great media to target a specific geographical location or promote to certain demographics to ensure your property is being seen by the right people.


So there you have our top considerations to make your property stand out in the market. For more advice on selling your property and to talk through all your options get in touch with one of our expert sales consultants today.  

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Amelia McNamara

Digital marketing coordinator

Queenstown Office