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Heather Beard

Registered Valuer / Property Consultant Valuation & Research

A senior member of the Queenstown valuation and advisory team, Heather specialises in the completion of market valuations, rental assessments and insurance valuations. Operating primarily in the commercial and industrial space, Heather is also actively involved in work across managed apartments, tourist accommodation properties and lifestyle and residential assets.

Heather is the driving force behind the company’s market-leading ‘Market Review and Outlook’, an annual thought leadership piece analysing the Otago property market. Heather joined Colliers Queenstown in May 2014 as a valuer, becoming registered in 2017.


- Council President, New Zealand Institute of Valuers

- Board member, Central Otago Branch Property Institute of New Zealand

- Director and Shareholder of Otago Valuations Limited (t/a Colliers)

- Land Valuation Tribunal Otago – appointed 2020

- Expert Witness in the Environment Court

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