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Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your Queenstown property

Wednesday 14 Jul 2021

Selling a residential property is a big decision; it’s often your most valuable asset, with the outcome determining your options to move forward in the market. Finding a Queenstown sales consultant who will listen and understand your priorities in the sales process is essential for property sellers. Here are some of the crucial elements to consider when selecting a real estate consultant in Queenstown.

Private selling – will it work for me?

Historically, advertising a property in Queenstown was very straightforward as there were only a handful of real estate agents and mediums for property seekers to use. However, in 2021, property professionals and advertising platforms are more prolific and diverse than ever before. To achieve the highest market value, it’s vital to use a specialist to sell your Queenstown property; they’ll be able to put together a strategy that matches your asset type and target market, presenting your property to both passive and active purchasers.

Consider all strategies and select the most appropriate.

We all hear about those incredible sales that happen once every few months, encouraging the idea that one particular sales strategy is the only one to use. However, it’s essential to know that not all properties in the Queenstown market are suited to one particular method of selling. A professional sales consultant won’t push their preferred sale method or promise you an unrealistic price. Your Colliers sales consultant will discuss the pros and cons of each sale method with you and help you decide what’s the best pricing approach based on your specific needs, your priorities in the sale and the current market conditions.

Ask for testimonials.

It’s absolutely fine to ask your sales consultant for references; better yet, Google the sales consultant you’re looking at working with and see if they have online testimonials. Most sales consultants will also have a profile about themselves online, giving you a chance to learn a little more about them. Are they an expert in the type of property you want them to sell? Have they got a proven track record in your asset class? Do they have the backing of a strong team of salespeople plus marketing, accounts and administrative support staff, allowing them to get your property in front of as many potential buyers as possible?

Proven results and personality.

There’s a number of successful real estate professionals in Queenstown with a history of proven results. However, finding the right personality to sell your home should still be high on the list of priorities when selling. While clever online tools will get your residential property on a buyer’s radar, it takes a people-focused sales consultant to get the sale across the line and negotiate the best deal for you. Agents with a people-first approach get deals done because they know how to work with buyers and sellers alike to achieve the best results.

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