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Why winter is a great time to sell in Queenstown

Tuesday 18 Jul 2023

While traditionally not thought of as a great time to sell property, there are plenty of reasons why winter actually is. With stock levels typically being lower in the colder months, competition between buyers (who are out and about, despite the cold) is greater. Paired with the fact that some properties actually present better in winter (think roaring fires and snow-capped mountain views), it’s a winning combination for a sale!

The people are out there

Hibernation of buyers in winter is a myth! Really, it is property stock levels which fluctuate with the seasons, while buyers stay active year-round, so no need to hold off selling until spring! Presenting your property to attract the maximum level of buyers is ultimately the most important thing, regardless of the time of year.

Particularly true in Queenstown, being the alpine haven that it is, is that fact that a lot of properties really come into their own in winter. What time of year is more perfect to show off just how cozy and comfortable your property really is than winter? If presented well, buyers will soon be romanticising about warm and relaxed nights in front of the fire, or soaking in the hot tub with a glass of wine whilst taking in views of our stunning winter wonderland. Investors won’t be able to help but notice how busy the winter season is in our ski resort town, with holiday accommodation options in high demand, as well as for staff accommodation. Winter also provides the perfect time to highlight to buyers if you have invested in your home’s energy efficiency. Get buyers thinking that they could be soon reaping the rewards of lower winter power bills due to your clever investments!

Committed buyers

Additionally, winter brings out the serious buyers. Let’s be real, it’s only people that are genuinely committed to finding their new home or next investment property that are willing to trudge between open homes in the freezing cold. This reduces the amount of time spent dealing with buyers who are not quite ready to purchase and are just ‘having a look’. The chance of receiving genuine offers is also higher in winter, with those serious winter buyers being more likely to have their financial situation sorted, including being pre-approved on the mortgage front.  

Don’t wait til spring

Selling in winter puts you in front of the pack. Otherwise you are waiting until spring when the market becomes completely flooded and there are infinite options for buyers. With the demand and competition for properties increased by the reduced stock available for buyers, not only is the likelihood of a sale boosted in winter, but also the chance of obtaining the price you are looking for! Furthermore, if you present and price your home properly, selling in winter can achieve you a higher price, with winter buyers being less likely to negotiate the price down for fear of missing out on a property when there are fewer to choose from. Come spring and summer, with more stock on the market, lengthier price negotiations are likely due to buyers potentially having a few properties taking their interest at the same time.

Let them do the work

Traditionally more quiet months also have the upside of being a less busy time for professionals involved in property transactions across the board. i.e., lawyers, mortgage brokers, building inspectors, home stagers and removalists, leaving them more time to dedicate to your sale or purchase, which tends to lead to a more stress-fee transaction and overall experience. The quiet season may even cause some companies to consider a fee discount in order to secure themselves some business.

Ready for your next move

Winter is a particularly good time to sell if you are looking to either downsize or upgrade from your current home. If you sell in winter, this leaves you free and fully focused on finding your next property in springtime when there is more on the market, instead of having the pressure and stress of juggling a sale and a purchase at the same time.

Ultimately, the best tactic to plan for a winter sale is to utilise the skills of an experienced agent. Along with having access to our network’s large national and international buyer database, our agents are experts in selling property and can provide the insight and right advice to help you get the best sale within the current market. Get in touch with one of our team members today.

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